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Good work

"You've got something on your face... bullet holes!" LMAO!!!!!!

only thing was that the voices sometimes varied in volume while the characters where speaking.

great job, hope to see more

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Yeah, the voice adjusting tools in audacity need a leave much to be desired. They get the job done at least.

not bad for a first entry

I found this a little odd but it was pretty good for a first submission, next time try and flesh out the plotline a little more.

good job, hope to see more in the future


not quit sure what the concept for all this was...
the first skit was a little odd.
the second made me want to seizure uncontrollably
and as for the third, i'm not sure how having schizophrenia is related to eating bricks.. but ok...

NoToUsernameLockdown responds:

Oh, hello there, I'm looking for the toilet.

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good game

not a bad game, I had a little trouble with the control sensitivity, but other then that it was pretty fun =)

good work

Good Job

Good work on this submission. Had fun trying to beat the clock, hope to see more soon keep up the good work

- Wraith


I remember playing the old Pico RPS, only problem I had with this was that when I played there was no one else playing and I couldn't get a game going =/

Maybe add a single player mode to this one as well....

- Wraith

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Excellent work !!

This is an excellent track, great work.

Hope the links on compression and EQ I submitted helped out a bit =)

the track still sounds like it needs a little more mastering though but other then that incredible work, especially since you had a deadline on it =)

Keep it up

- Wraith

MaestroRage responds:

Yes indeed. Those links and tips everybody else gave helped a lot. Sadly since this was my first time attempting equalizing/compression/distortion effects entirely by hand with no presets, the song understandably suffered in quality.

I wish I had more time to work on it, I feel the songs too short *despite being like 2:38 I believer*, and I started it 2 days ago XD.

No sleep... =_=.

Thank you for your help and your review Wraith! It means a good deal to me, i'm glad you liked it ^^.

Nice Work

Very nice sounding track, flows well.
I definatly like this version better then the Preview. Great job on the bassline, only thing with the bassline was that it seemed a bit quiet and needs to get turned up a tad (IMO). The Drumwork was well done, snare didnt sound like fit with the rest of the drumkit, but it's close.

overall very nice track.

Well done,

- Wraith

Exceptional piece

I sense the coming of another hit from CnB

Adrenaline pumping bass lines and great drum work (as usual). acid sounds in the intro lead into the melody very nicely.

Keep it up!!

can't wait to hear more,


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it's been a while but i'm back in town

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